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The Colorblind James Experience

Colorblind James (rhythm guitar, vibraphone, lead vocals)

Also featured the following (in alphabetical order)

Rita Coulter (lead and bkg vocals, percussion)
John Ebert (trombone, bkg vocals)
Ethan Lyons (saxophone/bkg vocals)
Ken Frank (bass guitar)
Bernie Heveron (bass guitar)
Gary Holt (bass guitar)
 Charles Jaffe (keyboards)
Phil Marshall (guitar)
Jim McAvaney (drums)
Dave McIntire (clarinet)
G. Elwyn Meixner (guitar, lap steel)
Jim Schwarz (bass)
Jack Shaefer (guitar)
Tommy Tramontana (guitar)

This list is by no means complete... please contact me with updates/corrections



cover for solid behind the times courtesy paul dodd

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