Talking about CBJ

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Don't know when they where formed or if all those involved were in other bands before. Don't really care.
The first album - The Colorblind James Experience.

The song which stood out initially from this LP (only available on LP folks - if you can get it - now deleted) was A Different Bob. Cool is the best, if corny, word to describe this song. A sad (!) story told with a sense of humour in a very laid-back way. I loved it as soon as I heard it. The other not to be missed track - Dance Critters. The Beverly Hillbillies meets Gunfight at the OK Corral meets Love Story (er.. I think). Remember to rap your chest three times! Dance Critters was also available as a single. On the B Side was, amongst other tracks, Sophisticated. Unrequited love song set to "rowdy dancehall jive" - another winner. For this album (and only this album as far as I know) they actually came to Britain and played in Manchester at The Boardwalk (I think it was). What a brill' gig. Tiny place but the atmosphere was excellent. And they played Sophisticated!


Had to wait some time for the next record (still on LP's - but clear vinyl!!) Why Should I Stand Up? Stand out track - Wedding at Canaa. But Rideboard is also one which should be heard.


Number three. Strange Sounds from The Basement (technology takes over, CD goes in). Mellower, more introspective. Top track - Don't be so hard on yourself Also with this album, a change of  name, now called Colorblind James & The Death Valley Boys


Next one, Solid! Behind the Times, upbeat again, every one a winner (baby). Especially Kojak Chair. Only saw this by chance in a shop..of course I bought it immediately! Oh, and back to the original band name again.


I Could Be Your Guide - not available in Britain, can't find anywhere on the web which sells it and the last time I went to see my friends in Miami, couldn't find it there either! What the hell is going on. Eventually got hold of it by using the link below to the world HQ...but now that doesn't work.  :(
Anyway, it's another great album. Now they have a female vocalist on some of the tracks, which adds a new dimension to the sound. Redone You need somebody on your side sounds joyus (not a word that is used enough these days!)


New album Call of the Wild, came out in May. I'll put some comment here soon. Give me a chance :)
(Like there is actually anyone reading this!)

BIG NEWS ---- Touring UK soon. Yippee!!!!

Anyway....that's it. You can go now :)

If you want, you can read their press release, find out the official stuff about them.

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