THE 1980's and THE 1990's:

These years were my most productive, as well as being more visible to the general public. I had some great opportunities that were unfortunately lost due to problems associated with "life's consequences"...(l guess the 90's are my recovery period!!)...I decided that "Jim Bulmahn" was too mellow of a name for entertainment purposes, so I borrowed from two names out of my record collection that kept popping-up - Del Shannon and Johnny Rivers. Del actually took his name from a pro-wrestler, and Johnny got his name from Alan Freed - who decided 'Ramistella' was too ethnic!!...I actually saw Del Shannon a few times; and met him in person at the festival tent in Rochester - but he was in a hurry to party with the 'bogus' Crystals who were on the same bill. 1 almost saw Johnny, but the story has it that his wife had twins (one of which died?) - and Rick Nelson took his place at the festival tent. That switch allowed me to become friends with Rick's drummer - Ricky Intveld - who's brother James is a heavy in Rockabilly circles...I've used Del Rivers as a D-J, M-C, producer, manager, writer, business, music critic, comedian, and other things related to entertainment...The most money I've made is $35 a week as an open-mic host (in Berkeley, California); and currently - my name is similar to an award-winning dog in England!! (found on the Internet)...According to former Projectile/Electric Cowboy drummer Brian Goodman, there was a Del Rivers who put out a 45, single in the 60's!!...Anyone with knowledge of this, let me know more - I am very curious.

I must acknowledge Jon Pirincci and his Musical Messages agency for putting some fire in my veins to manage bands and pursue various fan clubs that stimulated the forebearers of this webpage...A couple of those bands that we worked with are still around - The Royals w/George Schnell and two members of The Tension - Mike Pappert (of Pallini & Pappert) and Ted Perkins (Nik & The Nice Guys/Boomerang Club)...I must also mention the efforts of Walt O'Brien's Insiders (now - Inside-Out), and the House of Guitars gang -The Chesterfield Kings (featuring Greg Prevost) as the "scene" catalysts...Highlights include hosting a Boss Beat D-J Night at The (Red)Creek, writing a review for Bonnie Abrams (in Shindig Mag) that was used for a promotion at the Holocaust Museum, and being a connection for musicians and comedians...(I was responsible for rediscovering Carl August of The Young Tyrants - who sold more 45's of "I Try" in the 80's than in the 60's!!)...(Don't ask me about my Casio keyboard or my cheap Present Co. guitar...)