W.I.T.R.-FM 89.7 - Whole Lotta Shakin'(a.k.a.- Psychedelic Sunday/Boss Beat)

Del's Corner/Del's Dogs(of the week) & Rochester Sessions -60's Local Band feature

W.P.X.Y.-FM 98 - Morning Show

Guest Radio Personality (on tape)

W.K.L.X (now W.B.B.F.) - Morning Show (cancelled)

FM-99/WBBF  Co-writer w/ Gene Filiaci and John Pirincci

K.A.L.X. (in Calif.) - Arranged radio interview w/The Pandoras

           VIDEO SHOWS (local access):

THE HUMOR ROOM Comedy skit show on G.R.C. Cablevision

Writer, Soundman, Actor, co-producer of Live Show

HERB IITCH BOX Call-in talk show with Gary Mooney

Camera & Soundman, Interviewer

BOSS BEAT SHOW Rock & Roll /Interview Show (cancelled-incomplete)

Interviewer (featured Fertility Rite Bros.)

GARY THE HAPPY PIRATE SHOW Children's Show (was on Fox 31- two seasons) Sound & Prop assistance (was to be a 'puppet')

HERBIE J. SHOW Variety/Talk show (at R.A.P.A.- planned, but never produced)

LIFE W/OUT SHAME-Adult "sex" show - Bit-Part Actor (nothing dirty!!)

DEL'S BANDS:     (not many gigs, but worth mentioning)

INSIDERS, PROJECTILES, FADEAWAYS - percussive instruments/backing voc..

IT'S MY PARTY - (girl group) - percussive instruments/unused lyrics

FERTILITY RITE BROS,/QUATLOOS - percussive inst./backing voc./m.-c.

THE ELECTRIC COWBOYS - vocal/lyrics/producer                              

McFADDEN'S PARACHUTE/TOKYO LOVE VIOLETS - vocal/lyrics/ percu ssion

THE BROKEN HEARTS [was to feature ex-Garth Brooks drummer K.C. Cochran)

SPILT MILK (comedy group)

SKETCHY DETAILS (comedy group) - writer; kicked-out!

THE FUGITIVES/EARTHLINGS - open mic vocal only