Famous People I've contacted / interviewed


Yvonne Craig & Grace Lee Whitney (comic/pop culture convention)

Jerry Allison & Joe B. Mauldin (Buddy Holly's Crickets)

Morey Amsterdam (Dick Van Dyke Show - on phone)

Roger McGuinn (of The Byrds)

Chris Isaak (and his band mates)

Graham Parker

Marshall & Robert Crenshaw

Peter Tork (pre-Monkees reunion)

Dave Davies (of The Kinks)

Sal Valentino & Dec Mulligan (at Beau Brummels' 25th reunion)

Del Shannon (at Oldies Show/Festival Tent)

Bo Diddley (2-3 times backstage)

Gene Cornish (of Rascals/G.C. Dangerous)

The Pandoras (all- now 'The Muffs')

Tommy Roe (record signing)

Maureen McCormick (of Brady Bunch)

The Spinners (behind Festival Tent)

The Ventures (esp. Don Wilson)

Arlo Guthrie (on bus tour)

Grant Hart (of Husker Du - met on a train)

Leslie West (of Mountain)

Jim Kale (original Guess Who member/pre-80's reunion)

Duke Robillard (pre-Fab Thunderbirds)

Howard Busgang (comedian/writer)

Liz Winstead (comedian - met at club)

Bev Bevan (of E.L.O./Move)

Rich Hall (of S.N.L./Sniglets books)

David Spade (of S.N.L./Hollywood Minute/Just Shoot Me)

Rob Schneider (of S.N.L./Copy Machine Guy)

A.Whitney Brown (of S.N.L./News Commentary)

Sandra Bernhard (of Letterman/Roseanne)

Marina Sirtis (Troi of Star Trek- Next Generation)

Jay Leno (pre-Tonight Show)

The Higgins Boys & Gruber (Comedy Channel/Ellen)

Colin Quinn (Remote Control/S.N.L. News)

Eric Jacobsen (producer of Lovin' Spoonful/Tim Hardin/Chris Isaak)

The Blasters (various members)

Fabulous Thunderbirds (various members)

Rick Nelson's band members

John Stewart (Short Attention Span Theatre/J.S. Show)

Stephanie Miller (syndicated show host)

Garret Wang (Star Trek -Voyager)

Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca!)

& several independant bands (i.e. Lyres, Bomboras, Sneetches)