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It seems like yesterday we spent our idle hours catching the early NOD ( or the Breck Street Mob as I used to think of them) @ Friends & Players. They lit up the scene during the bleak years before the Bug Jar opened. Now, NOD keeps smokin' us all with every new release, the latest on Smells like Records is no exception! Check out their listing in the All Music Guide!
Whole Lotta Shakin'
Mike Murray (of Hidden Charms & Fertility Rite Brothers fame) hosts Rochester's premier Rock n' Roll show, Whole Lotta Shakin' every Sunday on WITR 89.7 F.M. ('cept when he's at a Bills or Red Wings game). Where would we be with out you Mike? (& sometimes Mick as as well!)
The Immortal Chesterfield Kings The
The Chesterfield Kings kicked off this whole thang in Rochester and are certainly the cities most widely known 6-tees export. Greg & Andy (who both work at the House of Guitars) knowit, live it & love it and want everybody out there to know it! Rawhide!


The HiRisers , (featuring Greg Townson on guitar, Todd Bradley on Bass and Jason Smay on Traps) are one of those great bands that everybody loves. Even my AC/DC loving son, Will. They're currently prepping two (2!)Cd's for release this Fall/Winter... Check them out whenever/wherever you can! The HiRisers are certain to please!
Hey, a seminal band out of Rochester, or what! Alumnae include Pat Lowery, Tim Poland, Hugh Edwards, Ken Frank, Thom Marianetti, Stan the Man & Chaz Lockwood. Russ Tolman even came out to sunny Rochester one winter to helm the never-released Four on the Floor Project
Rayguy Recommends!
In addition to hardly ever updating the BandWEB website, I've taken on the task of keeping Jargon Records new website cool & happening. I've placed for download many cool Mp3's from Jargon Artists on the website. Check it out!
Mana Fiesta!
Paul & Peggi of Personal Effects, Margaret Explosion and Invisible Idiot fame have found time in their hectic life to move the REFRIGERATOR to the net. It's wild, wacky, styilsh & cool. Also, thank heavens, they've gotten a cool new musical project together called "Invisible Idiot", No relation (I hope) to my old project Invisible Party.
Oliver Brown as a Young Lad! Oliver Brown
Once upon a time, many years ago, I had the opportunity to give Ollie the 'Milk Boy' Brown a bear hug he'll never forget. The younger brother of Absolute Grey's Beth Brown, Ollie is currently the only Brown making music. Oliver has a new CD out, The Great Egg Toss. You can order it thru the Record Archive. Ollie sings and plays the Ukelele, and his songs are touched by an innocence and wistful playfulness that puts him in a category with Jonathan Richman. NEW! Our favorite uke mad cap has a wonderful site that you can visit @
Maybe it's a Rochester thing, maybe it's universal, but when Absolute Grey started gigging in Rochester in the mid-eighties, they were dissed by many of the local "scenemakers" as being too "light weight." Years later, after bands have come and gone, a greater appreciation of their work has developed. Members have continued on, like Mitch Rasor & Pat Thomas (of Innerstate!)
Colorblind James Experience

Chuck Cuminale's life-long legacy will be the music he created; the Colorblind James Experience has long been one of the finest musical exports that Rochester has ever had to offer. Check your local record store or Amazon & CDNow to secure some CBJE, if you already haven't done so. Also vist Stubdaddy for more information on the CBJE's "Greatest Hits" Compilation. Chuck, we miss you...

Paisley-Pop Records

Wow! Jim Huie is a busy man. He's not only put out one of 2001's finest digital releases, GIRLS SAY YES (to Boys Who Say No), he's also started a label as well! Check out this wonderful, informative site and dig it, baby!


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Mana Fiesta!