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Greendoch.com was started by Stan Merrell as a way to demonstrate various technologies  and as a platform for exploring various ideas & concepts.  In his spare time, Stan likes to find odd items and share them with the world. Stan is an accomplished Jack of all Trades who not only thinks out of the box but lives in one. Stan also likes to talk about himself in the third person. If he had a flunky or personal valet then he  would have them do that. However, for the time being, doing this for himself this does represent a savings!

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  1. We lived on Huntington in back of Mrs Goodman, in between the Youngs and the Colbys. And I remember Tad Merrell. One of the nicest smartest kids in the neighborhood — one of the few that I could relate to. I was sad when (he)you moved away! I just posted a comment about the Cremer young murder but I don’t think it worked. Something to do with sexual abuse and dark dark secrets in the Colby house. Dane was a very twisted little boy, very sad victim of something spooky. That it would end in a violent murder makes no sense at all. I remember being picked to play one of the memorial bells at Onaway. I remember not one single attempt to comfort or counseling word from any adults at the time, including my era-typical parents. Kids were expected to tough it out. Denial was a common coping mechanism. And here we are, the survivors, the, lucky ones!

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