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21 Favorite Songs from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

I don’t know for sure why I’m so fascinated with Fred Rogers. I was 11 and living in Pittsburgh when his show started to become popular. My Mother worked at WQED as a volunteer and sometimes helped out with the show, but not in any major way that I can brag about. My Uncle worked in television advertising at CBS (he was a drinking buddy of Bob Keeshan’s, but that is a different story).

No, I think I started to *really* appreciate Fred Rogers in high school probably after hearing the National Lampoon Radio Hour bit (feat. Christopher Guest and Brian Doyle Murray). And now that I’m collecting kids records, I note that it’s hard to find a Mr. Rogers record that isn’t *totally* whipped.  Kids played the crap out of his records.

21 Favorite Songs From Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
21 Favorite Songs From Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

Track Listing:

  1. Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
  2. It’s You I LIke
  3. Sometimes People Are Good
  4. Let’s Be Together Today
  5. I’m Taking Care Of You
  6. Look And Listen
  7. Please Don’t Think It’s Funny
  8. You Are Special
  9. I Did Too
  10. Everybody’s Fancy
  11. I Like to Take My Time
  12. When A Baby Comes
  13. Be Brave
  14. Wishes Don’t Make Things Come True (by Negri)
  15. What Do You Do
  16. You’re Growing
  17. I’m Proud Of You
  18. I Like to Be Told
  19. The Clown In Me
  20. Just For Once
  21. It’s Such A good Feeling