Dane Colby, son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Colby

Dane G. Colby, son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Colby. Photo by Jerry Horton. Colby home address noted on back of photo. Dane was used as a scapegoat by his mother.

3 thoughts on “Dane Colby, son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Colby”

  1. I attended Weehawken with Dane earlier the summer of the murder (’65). I remember his mother putting him on the camp bus, but we weren’t in the same camp group and i never really knew him. Weehawken was in Aurora/Mantua and run by my second grade teacher at Onaway and her husband. The camp’s site has long been abandoned, i visitied it a couple of years ago.

  2. In our class picture which is Dane? The boy I thought was Dane doesn’t look too much like the photo you posted

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