The Slug Line was “Accidental Shooting”

Finally acquired this photo recently from eBay; looks like it was an AP Wire photo. The “slug line” for this picture is “Accidental Shooting”.

EPSON scanner image

What we see in this picture is Mariann Colby leading a bewildered Dane Colby out of the Shaker Heights police department into an awaiting car. This was shortly after she lied to the police about Cremer’s killing being accidental; the details that would later help unravel the fabricated story are in the body of the AP story. The .32 caliber pistol, which Dane was too weak to fire and the fact that Mariann “admitted that she wrapped the body and placed it in a wooded area  of Gates Mills, about 10 miles from the Young home”

4 thoughts on “The Slug Line was “Accidental Shooting””

  1. These are great quality photos. It would be interesting to talk to you. I can see how affected you still are by the trauma of losing your friend in such a violent way, at an age when you were too young to process it. I have no direct link to the occurrence other than the fact that I live in Marian Colby’s house. Ever since I found out what happened here a couple of years ago, I have been compelled to learn what I can. I eventually dug deep enough to arrange to speak by phone with one of the reporters who questioned her in her (my) house at the time. He is old and a bit dotty now but it was an interesting conversation nonetheless. I also spoke briefly with her defense attorney who assured me “nothing bad happened in the house – there wasn’t any blood or anything” – which sounds implausible. Is there no way to directly contact you or is the site intended to prevent identities and such contact? How do I post a photo? I have an interesting one.

  2. Phoebe, send your photo to: stan at greendoch dot com with a brief writeup and I’ll post it.

  3. No, not off the top of my head. I’m certain it is available in the archives. However, if i knew I don’t think I’d publish it on this site since the houses all have different occupants with no connection to the murder & I’d like to respect their privacy.

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